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Can you garden inside the life house?

Nov 27, 2008
can you grow plants directly onto the grass inside the life house, without any pots? i'm considering buying a life house and just wanted to know.

(also, bq: which house would you choose between the life house, myth house, and wysteria villa? it's so hard to decide)

May 06, 2011
I doubt it that you can grow plants on the green grass inside the Life House, considering the fact that soil cannot be placed in any indoor homes. But if you are very psyched up to have soil in the indoors of the Life House, you could look up some flying carpet tips. You may be able to put the pot in the ground somehow, to make it look like soil.

And for the BQ, it's up to you.

Life House - Lots of space outdoors, Medium space inside
Myth House - Lots of space outdoors, Lots of space indoors
Wysteria Villa - Medium space outdoors, medium space indoors
If you'd like a cozy little home, choose Wysteria Villa.
If you like to be creative and build a lot, choose the Myth House.
If you love nature, you could pick the Life House.

Katherine Dragonblade Archmage

Sep 17, 2012
You need to prepare plots or have pots in any house. Indoors you need pots for the most part. Out doors you can use plots or pots, except Large plants that require plots. You learn the spells from the gardeners in Krok and Mooshu for the various sizes of soil prep spells. Sm and Med regular plot spell you learn from the gardening quest.

Jul 18, 2010
I don't think you can put down plots inside. Only pots since it's considered indoors.

Feb 26, 2012
I have a life house. You cannot garden directly on the floors inside. You can garden outside, but inside needs pots.

As for choosing between the three you mentioned, I have them all (for different wizards) and like them all. They are all really nice houses -- if you find it too hard to decide, just get them all!

Of course, which comes first is still up to you!