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An Idea for Gardening

Mar 13, 2009
Name - Enchant soil
  • Cost - 2 energy

  • Description - Enchants a previously existing soil plot

  • Availability - Harley in Celestia. He usually only has Putrid Bug Spray to sell you because Marley in Mooshu already sold you the other spells he can teach you.

Just an idea I wanted to share with the community.

I had finished plotting a regular 69-plot & started looking at what to plant there. I saw I had a few maelstrom snap dragons (which happen to drop some reagents I've been looking for), but they require enchanted soil, so I couldn't plant them alongside my couch potatoes in the plot I made.
Then I thought "It'd be very nice if there was a spell to change this to enchanted soil instead of making a new enchanted plot"
So.. Here you are with the result of that line of thought.