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Yearly Veterans Day Items

Wizards! We celebrate Veterans Day every year and realized recently that we didn't have a nice list of all of the previous Veterans Day items we've made.

Here they are!

2021 Memorial Banner

2020 Torch and Shield of Valor
2019 Veterans Theme music scroll
2018 Peace Dove
2017 Eternal Flame
2016 Commemorative Fireworks
2015 Commemorative Poppy Display
2014 Blades of Valor
2013 Poppy Wreath
2012 Memorial Medal Display
2011 Shield of Valor
2010 Commemorative Statue
2009 Sword of Valor

Each new Veterans Day item is temporarily made available to all Wizards around the holiday for that particular year to celebrate and honor veterans, they are not items only given out to veterans.

We'll continue to add to this list if future years produce a new Veterans Day item.

Jul 04, 2010
this is a good list would it be possibly to do the same for the charity mounts at Christmas time

Apr 18, 2013
This is a nice list you have conducted Sparck.

As the son of a proud veteran, it would only be fair for all to have these special items available to the public again. You guys at KI might think otherwise, but I am requesting you to rethink that stance.

Might I suggest a future item be a Poppy lapel/pin as a clothing accessory.

Jul 25, 2012
There should be an ability for those who just came back to wizard101 to get some of the older items that we missed. Makes me sad that we cannot

Jun 10, 2010
Yes--as a Veteran, it would be most appreciable to be able to have the opportunity to acquire any Veteran's Day items that I am missing. Please consider this opportunity for those of us who may have missed out in previous years!

Having said that, the Memorial Poppy (Flanders Fields) was very touching and exceptionally moving--thank you especially for that one.