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Watch out for "Generators" and "Spoofing"!

Dear Wizards,

We must caution you about people who are always dreaming up new ways to steal your personal information.

First, some players have distributed software they claim to be "account generators" or "Crown Generators." Please note that this software is malware. Embedded in the code of these programs are hidden tools that will compromise your account and possibly even your computer! Do not trust these programs.

Second, this new method is very convincing and can lead to the permanent loss of your account.
  • If you receive an unsolicited email from help@kingsisle.com or some other email address that appears to be KingsIsle, make sure you roll your mouse over the email address and/or select it to make sure this isn’t a “spoofed” email address that is actually coming from someone other than KingsIsle. Sometimes the name can read “help@kingsisle.com” but the real email address can be something completely different.
  • Never give anyone your password, even us! KingsIsle will NEVER ask for your password. That’s a dead giveaway that you’re not talking to someone from KingsIsle.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Though we love to give our players codes for free items and hold fan site contests, KingsIsle Support wouldn’t send you a $60 gift certificate code as a mistake, then retract that offer, and then offer it to you again in exchange for personal information like passwords and credit card numbers. Unfortunately, that’s an actual account of what’s happened to one of our players! Be safe!

Thank you for keeping your accounts safe and being wise to petty thieves on the Internet.