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The Crying Sky Raid Second Chance Chest

Apr 20, 2023

After the latest game update went live, an issue with the Crying Sky Raid was discovered. Unfortunately, the issue was only able to manifest in a live environment, so it wasn’t caught by our internal testing. All Raids were turned off shortly thereafter until the issue could be resolved.

While the Crying Sky Raid was running, some players abused an exploit with the Second Chance Chest. Chest items were being acquired prematurely and more often than they should have.

A reminder that abusing an exploit is against the Community Code of Conduct. For those players who accessed the chest beyond its intended nature, we are sanctioning associated accounts with a 4-week suspension.

When an issue of this magnitude is discovered, please report it immediately to Customer Support. Don’t risk your account getting sanctioned!


KingsIsle Team

Jul 03, 2012