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Spring 2022 Update is Now Live! Introducing 5th Age PvP

Are you ready to take on the challenge of a Wizard’s lifetime? The Spring Update introduces 5th Age PvP! With 5th Age, PvP play has been moved to a season-based system with season-based leagues, a new zero-sum Elo scoring system, and a complete overhaul of the fundamentals of how we achieve a fair, fun, and competitive PvP gameplay experience. A new PvP system is just the start of what you can check out in the Spring Update!

Have you ever wanted to spell cast outside of combat? Now you can with an exciting array of new spells called Cantrips! Also in the update are new Beastforms for Beastmoon events, an expansion to Spellements that extends the feature to your main Arc 1 spells, a new Loyalty Program that rewards long-term concurrent subscribers, and much more. It’s a spellrific update!

Highlights Include:
  • 5th Age PvP
  • Level Locking
  • Loyalty Program
  • Introducing Cantrips
  • New Spellements
  • New Beastmoon Map
  • Beastforms, and Rewards
  • New Spring Gauntlet
  • The Social Kiosk
  • Bug Fixes and Other Changes

Check out the update notes for all the new content and changes: https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/updatenotes/april2022

Mar 09, 2022
The new updates are interesting , but I want to tell you that my direction indicator is blocked it does not show me the direction to go, it always remains stationary pointing forward. Let me know if it can be fixed, I also reinstalled the game, but to no avail.

I thank you warmly.


A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
I hope that one of the first seasons removes those nasty pets.

I also wish that Tournaments offered a reward. I think that honestly they are the best way to get PVP-cautious players interested in PVP at all.

Jan 03, 2014
Please add a magus pvp option. We need our gear and tickets baack.

May 23, 2009
So excited for this. I feel like Wiz took a lot of steps with this update: With all the changes, I could not stop guessing what KI has in stock for the future. I see a lot of potential ahead; you cannot have potential without making big moves like this. Some of the things that sticks out:

What I like

Merciless & Other Gear Changes: The old Merciless gear was a mistake. It was too similar to dragoon which was released earlier. Old Merciless took the catacombs experience away. The nerfing of Morganthe amulets is refreshing. It opens up the possibility of other amulets being used. I don't mind other meta gear being changed in the future.

Loyalty Program: The implementation is great start; I hope it becomes broader with future updates. I have suggested in the past, achieving badges unlocks loyalty rewards. It will be cool if they account related badges.

What I am excited about :

Cantrips: Since it is another activity that consumes energy, could there be other sources of magic to get energy in future update. Could you release more pets that give energy?

Spellements & Dual School Concept: Both of these comes down to, is it worth it? What if there are dual school spells that can be unlock through spellements? Here is an example:

Cost 2 Death Pips + 2 Myth Pips
Give all allies -90% next outgoing damage charm. All enemies cannot attack for 1 round, then deal 1000 dmg to all enemies next turn.

Aug 29, 2009
I was just wondering what happened to all my arena tickets? They are gone and so is the NPC that sold items for arena tickets. Did I earn all those just to lose them?

Aug 23, 2016
After the update went live, I watched social media (Facebook and Twitter) as the community expressed their displeasure with the update. I know of at least 3 online friends who stated they are quitting the game over this update.

I can understand their frustration.

That said, I felt a little better about the update after hearing the developers all acknowledge that this update is the start of something big. How did Prof Falmea put it? "This update should be viewed not as opening night, not as dress rehearsal, but rather as clearing the stage for the next level of play."

Fine KI, that is all well and good. BUT you should have stated that back in March before the test realm went live. I think there would have been a lot less upset players if they knew that was your thinking and reasoning a month ago. I fear that even with this explanation from the developers, it is too little too late for many of those they angered. KI needs to be a little more open to their core fanbase.

I for one am giving the benefit of the doubt, I have enjoyed this game since 2009. I realize that many of the blunders and missteps the company took were the result of many years of mismanagement by pre-Gamigo leadership. It will take more than one year to correct the course and set sail into the waters of the future.

Please, allow us your loyal users to be part of the solution.

Nov 11, 2010
so if you are level 0-40 you can no longer do PVP? seems fair... NOT

Dec 09, 2009
caran101. on Apr 29, 2022 wrote:
I was just wondering what happened to all my arena tickets? They are gone and so is the NPC that sold items for arena tickets. Did I earn all those just to lose them?
Me too. My arena tickets are gone without any warning or compensation for the time I put into earning them. What's up with this? Please respond the the question.

Aug 27, 2019
MarkDreamWeaver on May 1, 2022 wrote:
Me too. My arena tickets are gone without any warning or compensation for the time I put into earning them. What's up with this? Please respond the the question.
Arena tickets have now been replaced with Blue Arena Tickets. Since the beginning of the test realm and for the 2 and a half weeks it was going on, they gave multiple warnings to all players on their social media accounts that arena tickets were going to be replaced and that they should spend them before they are gone.

Dec 24, 2008
Dear Kings
l have been playing wizard since the day it started so its been a long time and yes l have seen a lot of changes in this game, so l wanted to give you my feedback and hope that you will listen to what l have to say? l have placed a lot of money into this game an so have a lot of other older members and with out us l am sure the game would not have been here as long as it has. Its been so disappointing that the you have put so much focus in these bundle packs in the crown shop which most of the item in them are not worth getting and the prices are so high. what l miss the most is the crown sales we use to get and now we don't get them at all. Due to that l don't purchases as much as l use to any more. l also use to help the kids out with crown to play the game and have more fun because most kids cant afford to get items in the game and get money from their parents. Also this new Arena system l was so unhappy with because l have been playing my level 12 to 16 characters since l have started the game and now that you have stopped it l can not play those characters anymore and they have all these ticks that are going to sit on my characters for nothing. l really think that was so unfair to us old players and now to the new players to play in the Arena and that is the one thing l really enjoyed in the game. So much you have taken away from the fun and friendly and helpful game has become a money game that makes me want to quite and that is not what l wanted to do and give up on the kids out there that need our help in the game. You want feed back but you listen to the new people in the game but have you ever asked the people that have been here the longest. Thank you for listening to me and giving the time to be heard l am not sure if what l have to say is going to make any difference but l have to try. Have a good day just please let me know you received this email.

Apr 27, 2012
Please - how do we get blue arena tickets? I now see the symbol next to certain reagents, but when I went to Jordo to try to "trade them in," it still showed I have 0 blue arena tickets. And I noticed PVP no longer drops them.

Please help!