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Share your 12th birthday stories with us!

During Wizard101's 12th birthday we announced a story writing contest. After receiving hundrds of stories, we've selected five that will be showcased on the official KingsIsle blog.

The five selected Wizards are: Keiran, Kristen Ravenheart, Amanda DragonFlame, Autumn Deathwhisper, and Adam Daybreeze. Congrats for your stories being selected! Please contact us at community@kingsisle.com so we can award you 30,000 Crowns as thanks.

For all other participants, please feel free to share your stories below with the rest of the community!

Jan 18, 2010
Congrats to all the winners!

And also kudos to all other storytellers!

No doubt that Wiz has had a great impact within the lives of many of us.

Cheers to another 12 years!