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Ratbeard Dev Diary: Karamelle PVP Update Part 2

Dec 09, 2008
Ratbeard returns with a second installment of the ongoing saga of Karamelle PVP tweakage! Get a look at his latest ideas and processes of how PVP is being updated:


As a refresher, the first installment was here:


Let Ratbeard know what you think in a reply below!

Jul 19, 2018
i really wish we had a way to get the new enchant without being at the rank needed. for practice and tours and not ranked. since some people dont want to do ranked because of the stress it gives but want to play practice and or tours, but have no way to enchant now

Nov 18, 2010
I do not think this was brought up directly, but what is being done to counter the PvP exploit done by higher level Wizards removing their gear to face weaker opponents?

Mar 07, 2010
Hello KingsIsle! I am very satisfied with the recent changes you have been implementing, and the transparency with which you are doing it. Thank you, and keep it up!
I believe that what you are doing is fair and correct. I really like how by restricting certain tc's you are focusing on developing every school's identity. I believe that that is one of the most important aspects of the game, and emphasizing on it promotes strategy diversity due to each school's strengths and weaknesses.

Sep 16, 2015
Please keep these updates posted, as it is the one thing that KI has not done in the past.
It has left us constantly in the dark, like a growing mushroom.

I understand with changes, new unforeseen problems will pop up, it's the nature of coding.
The more complex the code becomes, the harder it is to see the unforeseen.
So, all must understand, that coding and testing takes time, it's not something that can
be done overnight.

The Resist and Healing changes are something that has been needed for years.
I am most happy that you are looking into this, while keeping each schools identity.

I also like the tiers, and eliminating Critical in the 1st (lowest tier), very nice.

I would like to suggest one item that has been a killer for PVP for many years now.
RNG, that is the single enemy of PVP, that has driven so many players from the game.
I had a large list of friends back in 2012, today that list is almost empty from players leaving the
game over PVP RNG. None of them are likely to come back, but to stop new players from quitting, I would
suggest that you look at removing as much RNG from PVP as possible, including Critical.
Maybe when we hit some future level it can be brought back, but up to level 140, it needs to be gone.

Keep the Beta - alpha coding going....so the tester can kick it back...