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Patch Notes for August 25, 2022

During the upcoming maintenance period on August 25, 2022, we will be updating Wizard101 with several fixes and tweaks since the Summer Update went live.

Thanks community for reporting many of these issues, especially around the new Guilds and Raids systems!

Skeleton Keys
  • Lady Stonegaze Skeleton Key Boss should no longer cause the game to crash when someone is turned to stone (Polymorphed)
  • Fixed an issue with mid-round entry on Drowned Dan Skeleton Key Boss
  • Updated High Loremagus’ feint cheat to properly identify Mass Feint
  • Current Gold Skeleton Key Sources:
> Beastmoon Crafting
> Deckathalon Crafting
> Skeleton Key Bosses
> Raids
> Battle Pass
  • Added four additional Gold Skeleton Key Sources:
> PvP Crafting
> Spiral Showcase
> Spiral Scene
> Daily Assignments (Day 15)

We also temporarily removed team up from certain Gold Skeleton Key Bosses until a bug with utilizing said team ups can be rectified.

  • Improved UI timing for when a Guild invite appears
  • A Battle Gate portal should now remain open more predictably
  • Raid pet token can now be reliably collected
  • Resolved issue where certain Cantrips were able to be cast while in combat
  • Resolved a rare crash when creating an Adventure Party
  • Lowered the Maycast rates on Shadowforged weapons in PvP
  • Further adjustments to Troll Spellement path’s minion
> Adjusted Minion spell deck
> Adjusted Minion AI

Let us know what you think of these changes!

Feb 12, 2015
The added drops to Golden Skeleton Keys make them more available, but I feel they still need to be added back to tough PvE bosses. Players just going through the game should be able to get these, too.

May 07, 2010
the new sources for gold keys sound like a step in the right direction. spiral scene is cool as a decorator & general housing fan, & spiral showcase seems OK since i think many players do that for SoF points, especially those that don't like the combat events. i think how good these sources actually are will kinda depend on how late the keys are in the reward track, though. if placed too far in, it may not feel fair or worthwhile enough. i guess we won't know until those events come around.

daily assignments is also a decent new source. though not that “exciting,” daily assignments are simple to do. a gold key every 15 days is about two keys per month per character, which is serviceable. but this is assuming the key drop is guaranteed & NOT just a chance. if it's actually the latter, that's a different story. depending on how high or low that drop chance is, this source might be a major letdown.

i wonder, though… would the daily assignments key reward have better replaced at least one of the extra gold rewards added last update? many of us were bummed to lose the old arena ticket rewards just for more gold, making 9 of the 15 days only give gold. if the key reward replaced even one of those gold rewards instead, the overall keys we can earn would stay the same without us losing the third chest reward on day 15, which is arguably more worth keeping than extra gold days. but again, this is assuming the key drop is guaranteed, which i don’t know yet (but am starting to doubt). also, if the key drop is actually added on top of day 15’s chest reward, not in place of it, then that's fine. it’d be helpful if the patch notes were a bit clearer… i'll have to wait until i reach day 15 to understand better.

i think another key source that could help round out the new system is a PvE crafting recipe, so that more PvE players have a fair, but not trivial, way to earn keys. the recipe could use some of the rarer & special reagents found in PvE. maybe participation trophies could get a new use this way? or what about the mote reagents dropped by some key bosses & one-shot gauntlet bosses (alongside their ultra plant & daily assignment sources)? or what about wood & stone keys, which are apparently still dropping? maybe some of the rarer metal reagents too? things like that, i imagine. the recipe shouldn’t be super easy, but i’d hope it’s reasonably demanding WITHOUT feeling unfair. ideally this recipe is open to a range of levels, not just those late-game. perhaps this crafting source would also be a fair compromise between players and devs over adding direct key drops back into “standard” PvE combat, which devs seem unlikely to do.

overall, i think the new key sources are an improvement. however, i still think devs could add a few more types of sources so that more players at least have something they can do, something that fits their playstyle & what they like to do, to get gold keys. but until then, this is a decent start.