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Note: Use Different Passwords for Different Sites


There are a few things we need to caution you about as recently a number of Wizard101 accounts have been compromised by malicious individuals who are in the business of collecting online information. The information leak did not happen from any of our websites, but rather we discovered leaked information from other sources and took precautionary measures.

1- ALWAYS use a different password for each gaming site you visit. If you use the same account name and password for every gaming site you visit, you’re putting ALL of your gaming accounts at risk. If your information is compromised on one site, it could be shared to the world.
2- Change your password often. Even if someone gains your username from an insecure site, you can outdate this information by updating your password.
3- If a website isn’t officially associated with KingsIsle, NEVER give them your login and personal information. They may offer you free Crowns, Gold or other items, but this eventually will lead to the loss of your information.
4- Remember that giving out your username and password is a violation of our Terms of Use and can lead to the loss of your account.

If you discover your account has been banned with no notice, the above situation may apply to you. Please contact our Customer Support for assistance and more information on why the account was banned with no notice.

Please note that we care about the online safety of our players and want to keep you playing Wizard101. Thank you for your understanding and for keeping your information safe.

Email: support@wizard101.com
Web: https://www.wizard101.com/CustomerSupport/game