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New to Wizard101 and these forums? Read This

If you're new to Wizard101, we have lots of different pages on our website to help you get started.


We have put together several different guides for different types of players.

We have our Quick Guide for players who are new to online games, that helps you understand how to move, how to interact and how to chat.

We have our Player's Guide that is an indepth look at Wizard101, how to play, what the cards do, where to go and other detailed information.

  • We have our Message Boards (you're reading them) that contain comments and suggestions from our players.
  • The Headmaster's Tower is where are the announcements from the staff are located.
  • Ravenwood Commons is for general discussion about Wizard101.
  • Halston's Lab is for technical questions about features or bugs.
  • Dorms are for all sorts of discussions about Wizard101, gaming, and other off-topic items.
  • Player vs Player is for discussion and strategy for our PvP portion of the game.
  • The Worlds of the Spiral are for help specific to that section of the game.
  • You can use the Search link at the top to look for information, Recent Topics shows you the most recently posted articles, and Hottest Topics shows you the most popular articles.


If you want to know more about what your child is playing, click on our Parents section on the left menu.

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