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New Empyrean Airship House

Take a look at the new Empyrean Airship House, now available in the Crown Shop!


Please note that while the house can currently be acquired at level 1, the Go Home teleport function requires the normal level 2 access. If you have a new Wizard at level 1, simply level them up to use this feature.

Sep 26, 2012
i am a top decorator and i loving houses and decorating.

but i am so disappointed in this house. it could be so much better. its just a small outside deck and 2 inside rooms, no secret room, nothing more. and its 12.5k crowns with no option to buy with gold. the jungle houseboat, is a smallish house but it has a LOT more room than this house and only costs 5k crowns and you can buy it with gold. the avalon castle plot has a ton more room and a lot more going on and its only 3500 crowns.

is there something special about it? can you put in plants and it has a 50% like rating or something? does your mana regenerate 10 point per second? does your health regenerate 5% per second?

i can see how it might be fun to build off the ship because of the moving terrain but the price still does not match.

why didnt you go by the ship the arcanum had that we went with to empyrea? so much more room. and maybe a transition between the atheyr and the areo plains?

i was so excited when i saw this new house advertised...

Apr 15, 2010
Could you please bring back the ATLANTEAN BUNDLE.......say for a week...like mix up the bundles available......it is the only one i have yet to collect....I need that magic fish bowl....or at least add that item to the crown shop for crowns or something.....i can not find it online anywhere so please just offer it to us for a week.....PLEASE PLEASE AND THANK YOU in advance ;)

May 30, 2010
To be honest, I am a bit underwhelmed by the new house. Sure, ships were cramped, but this cramped? Why didn't the hold get set up as is the captain's cabin from Pirate? At least then you'd have 4 rooms and the deck, a reasonable house for the price, given we can only purchase with crowns.

It just seems to offer so little for the price. Heck, the Wooded Cottage (the first house you can legitimately purchase in-game) costs a mere 8000 gold and offers about as much space.

OTOH, it did make me reload my pirate account to see what the cabin was like. It was refreshing to see proper-looking faces on my male pirates, instead of these queer Cabbage Patch Kids faces you've inflicted on the poor male wizards. (No, I'm not reconciled to the new faces. I accept them as a necessary evil, but only because you won't let us keep our originals.)