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Game Patch for September 8, 2021

A new Game Patch has arrived! On Wednesday morning we updated the following:
  • Badge should now be rewarded for Krokotopia Royal Hall Missing Notebook quest
  • Birthday wands were corrected to not be giftable
  • Fixed issue where minion spells no longer worked on Monstrology summons
  • Fire Cyclops Gold Idol for rewards (was incorrectly given as Balance Rat Thief Gold Idol)
  • Upgrade Fire Cyclops form now shown (was incorrectly shown as Upgrade Life Minotaur Form)
  • 3 Strengthening Runes now shown (was incorrectly shown as 3 Augmentation Runes)
  • 3 Death Ninja Pig Idols now shown (was incorrectly shown as 3 Myth Ninja Pig Idols)

Dec 21, 2008
Apr 18, 2013
These patches were good except for the wand not being giftable anymore. I vote to put it back as giftable. It makes us wizards smile when gifted an item like that.