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Empyrea Part 2 Now on the Test Realm!

We are excited to let wizards across the Spiral get a first-look at what’s coming for Empyrea Part 2! Today we are opening the Test Realm on weekdays for all wizards with a subscription or a new minimum purchase of Crowns (within the last 30 days). There will be a red ‘Sneak Peek’ image in the upper right corner of the official website that lets you know where to download the game client.

For new players, the Test Realm is where we get your feedback on issues and concerns with new game updates before we officially release them to the live servers. Since we are currently testing Empyrea Part 2, you will need to have completed Empyrea Part 1 before being able to access the new content.

Note: Actions on the Test Realm, including making purchases, will not affect your Live account.

Empyrea Part 2 - The thrilling conclusion to the 3rd story arc!

Bartleby is withering and Mellori the Raven-child struggles to hang on to life. To save them, the Wizard must embrace an ancient destiny, fight the evil schemes of Shadow, and venture to the farthest reaches of Empyrea... and beyond! All the while, the final conflict between Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider looms, threatening to destroy all of creation.

Can the remaining two Paradox Chains be saved? Can the Wizard really hope to stand in the way of not one but two cosmic forces? Can Order and Chaos be reconciled? Find out in this exciting conclusion to our Empyrea story and arc 3 of Wizard101!

You need to have completed the “Only Mostly Dead” quest and reach level 125. You will then be eligible to get the quest “Of Note” from Fitzhume in the Arcanum to enter Empyrea Part 2. From there, all of the update changes below are at your fingertips to test with us!

  • Level cap increased to 130
  • Gold cap increased to 525,000
  • New level 130 henchmen
  • New level 125 jewels for socketing
  • New level 130 PvP gear and other powerful equipment to obtain
  • New PvE gear and weapons to obtain
  • New pets to obtain from wandering bosses
New tree-themed ranked spells

This time around, you do not speak to a trainer to learn your new spell. You earn it during the quest “Finally Growing Into It.” There isn’t a specific level requirement on this quest, but you must be level 125 to start the quest chain that leads you here.

Rank 12! All of the following spells currently cost 12 Pips and are single target:
  • Scion of Fire: Does 1300 Fire Damage regularly. Does double (2600) damage if the target you are attacking has 2+ Damage over times on them. If hit for 2600 damage, the DoTs on your target will be cleared.
  • Scion of Ice: Does 1185 Ice Damage regularly. Does double (2370) damage if YOU, the caster, have FULL Health.
  • Scion of Storm: Does 1380 Damage regularly. Does double (2760) damage if the Target has 75% or greater Health
  • Scion of Myth: Does 1260 Damage regularly. Does double (2525) damage if the Target is stunned OR YOU have at least 2 Stun Blocks. Removes all Stun Blocks from YOU when done and double dmg is dealt. Note: The spell will actually remove 2 wards (any wards, shields etc.) This is a known issue and we will fix as soon as we can.
  • Scion of Life: HEALS 1315 regularly. Does double (2630) healing if the target is 25% health or LESS
  • Scion of Death: DRAINS 1040 regularly. Does double (2080) drain if the target is 33% health or LESS. Note: Drain will Heal YOU for ½ the damage dealt.
  • Scion of Balance: Does 1225 Damage regularly. Does double (2450) if YOU have 6 or more Blades. Removes ALL blades if double condition is met.
An exciting new minigame in Empyrea: Introducing Whirlyburly!

The Whirlyburly kiosk is located in Velo City. Anyone that can access the zone has access to the game. There are instructions on the kiosk if you want to get started early. The quest that introduces you to Whirlyburly is called “When the Whirlyburly’s Done”.

Whirlyburly vendors will have rewards to purchase once you have won enough matches.

Other Updates
  • New crafting recipes located in Nimbus Citadel
  • New housing items, equipment, accessories, and weapons to craft!
  • NPC Romar has equipment and accessories
  • NPC Verrin has housing items
  • NPC Syvar sells shop reagents
A special vendor will be selling a reagent that drops from the final boss in Test Realm only. This npc will be removed before test server ends.
  • New quests are available when you make it to Day 12 of your Daily Assignment rewards!
  • New Photomancy decals and quests
  • 20 new Photomancy decals!
  • Talk to Annie Shutterbug to get the Photomancy quest "Spiral Photographic." There is no level requirement, only that you have completed the previous Photomancy quest.
  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes

See future daily updates in replies to this post below!

For Steam players, there are a few requirements in order to access the download page:
  • You must have an active account and be logged into the official website at www.wizard101.com.
  • You must also have to have an active membership, or purchased at least $10 USD on Crowns within the last 30 days.
  • After logging in, there should be a red ‘Sneak Peek’ flag in the upper right of the window. Click on that flag to be brought to the Test Realm Client Download page.
  • Test Realm is for testing ONLY! There will be bugs, and we hope you can help us find them.
A reminder that the Test Realm is brought online during the weekdays. A notification will be put up on Monday letting you know when the Test Realm is online, and once again changed on the following Friday for when it’s brought down again.

Thanks, wizards, for your valuable feedback on this early build of Empyrea Part 2!

For all feedback, please submit through the in-game Test Realm menu option. If you wish to post and discuss feedback here in the forums, please visit the Test Realm section (requires login):


We are working on a fix for the quest "Growing Into It" not allowing you to proceed after combat. A temporary workaround is to exit the instance, switch your realm, then begin the instance again. You may want to wait a few minutes between switching the realms if it doesn't work the first time. You should be able to get through combat and proceed through the quest line then.

Sparck on Oct 18, 2018 wrote:
We are working on a fix for the quest "Growing Into It" not allowing you to proceed after combat. A temporary workaround is to exit the instance, switch your realm, then begin the instance again. You may want to wait a few minutes between switching the realms if it doesn't work the first time. You should be able to get through combat and proceed through the quest line then.
Great news community! The "Growing Into It" quest bug described above will be fixed with the latest Test Realm build going live today!

Update Notes For 10/25/2018:
  • Updated dialogue discrepancies
  • Update to crafting recipes
  • Freeze the player when at the Whirlyburly Kiosk
  • Fixed inventory UI when backpack is full
  • Updated mob names
  • Ambient Sound additions
  • Lighting passes
  • General bug fixes
  • Score increments based on player turn instead of round
  • Added arrows to convey direction better
  • Indicator for ‘Ready’ button
  • Updated Instructions graphic
  • Removing pets while playing
  • Fans cheering in the stands based on actions
  • If timer runs out, the movement card selections made will still play out
  • Various UI updates
  • Scion of Ice: Adjusted x2 damage condition to if the caster has 90% or More HP
  • Scion of Life: Now heals 1200 normally / does double healing if the target is 25% HP or less AND places a 600 Heal-over-time on all allies (including the healed target)
    Note: There is a known issue with the HoT only being placed on the selected target instead of the entire party. This is a known issue.
  • Scion of Death: Adjusted x2 damage condition to if the caster OR the target has 33% HP or less

Update Notes For 10/31/2018:
No Spoilers screen has been lifted!
General Bug Fixing and polish
Updated Doodle Maps
Badge categories fixed
We have added some new mobs to existing categories of Monstrology

Ranked Spell Updates:
  • Scion of Fire (Rank 11): Deals 1200 Fire Damage | x2 if target has 6+ Traps. Cleanse all traps from enemy if x2 condition is met.
  • Scion of Ice (Rank 11): Deals 1100 Ice Damage | x2 if caster has 90%+ HP.
  • Scion of Storm (Rank 11): Deals 1275 Storm Damage | x2 if the target has no charms.
  • Scion of Myth (Rank 11): Deals 1150 Myth damage | x2 if target is Stunned or caster has 3+ Stun Blocks. Remove Stun block if x2 condition is met.
  • Scion of Life (Rank 11): Heals 1100 to target + 300 Heal Over-Time to all allies | x2 heal & heal over-time if target is 25% HP or Less.
  • Scion of Death (Rank 11): Deals 975 Death damage and returns 1/2 to HP | x2 damage if target or caster has 33% HP or Less.
  • Scion of Balance (Rank 11): 1125 Balance damage | x2 damage if caster has 6+ Blades. Clear remaining blades if x2 condition is met.

Whirlyburly Updates:
  • UI Help changes
  • Add Quick Tips while waiting for a game
  • Added a mouseover ‘?’ to quickly display Quick Tips guide
  • Removed Help bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Added text prompt over the cards during planning phase
  • Sped up piece movement by 25%
  • Once you assign a movement card to a piece, they stop flashing
  • When assigning a corresponding card to a piece, the spaces will represent that action during movement phase
  • Winning team now displayed at the end of a game