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Don't Buy From Unreputable Websites

Attention, Young Wizards:

Unfortunately there are deceitful people who would try to steal your private information in tricky ways. This could include information about your account, passwords, character names, credit card information, and more!

We would like to once again caution you, do not buy Gold, Crowns, Bundles or Subscriptions from any other site but www.wizard101.com or www.pirate101.com. Unfortunately some sites may appear to give you big benefits for incredible prices, but they are really making purchases on your behalf with stolen Credit Card information. When this is later discovered, your account will be in jeopardy because we ban the account that received the fraudulent Crowns or in-game items.

Here's an example scenario of how this typically happens:

1. You purchase a gift certificate from a 3rd party company (with your valid credit card).
2. The 3rd party company comes to our website, enters a stolen credit card and buys a gift certificate.
3. The gift certificate is sent to you.
4. You redeem the gift certificate.
5. the 3rd party company gets your legitimate funds, and it costs them nothing because they've used someone else's stolen credit card.
6. KingsIsle receives a charge back dispute from the legitimate cardholder of the purchase.
7. KingsIsle's funds are removed and a chargeback fee is invoked.

So as you can see from this scenario, KingsIsle Entertainment would have never received payment, but instead the other company that used a stolen card to obtain the gift certificate from our website was paid, and you are now in possession of stolen property! Recovering an account banned from this type of action requires full payment for the Crowns, Subscriptions, or items that were fraudulently received.

Illegal Gift Codes

Our community has proactively notified us about gift codes being offered in certain online forums.

After reviewing the information related to the purchase of these codes, we believe these codes may have been obtained illegally.

We have enabled detection measures to identify suspicious activity, disable such codes, and we will remove any benefit gained from the use of such codes.

We are also working with the authorities in order to pursue justice against those we believe are involved in the illegal activity.

We thank our community for their vigilance and support and we remind our players to refrain from soliciting or utilizing any questionable codes in the future.

If you ever have a question about the legitimacy of a sale, contact our Customer Support through Wizard101.com or Pirate101.com. The best rule is to buy with confidence, make your only choices either purchasing pre-paid cards from legitimate businesses (like Target or Walmart) or buying online from wizard101.com or pirate101.com.

Keep your accounts safe and thank you for your vigilance!