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Crowns Rewards FAQ

Wizards! Some great questions have been asked since the Crowns Rewards announcement. See below for answers to these questions. New questions will be added as they come up:

"What are these Crowns Rewards events I've seen mentioned in the community?"

Learn all about the details in this dev diary video: https://youtu.be/Pj8i5xgSKpA

See the first event that kicked off on Nov. 15, 2018 at 9AM Central Time here: https://www.wizard101.com/game/night-knight-crowns-rewards

"How do I get the rewards in each tier, and do the tiers stack?"

For each event, Spending those Crowns will count towards the amount required in each tier.

For example, if a player purchases a Bat Glider Mount for 7500 Crowns, they will receive all the rewards in the first 3 tiers. Any other items you purchase with Crowns will add to your progress towards higher tiers.

"Can I use Crowns I've already purchased before the event started?"

Yes! You can use already saved up Crowns. What counts towards the rewards is how many Crowns you spend in the in-game Crown Shop during the event period. Items that you gift to friends through the Crown Shop will count towards your event progress.

"Do purchases in one event count towards any possible future events?"

No, the tally of purchases is specific only to the current event and that event's rewards.

"When do these events officially start and end?"

Times are specific to each event. As of November 15th, the current event is live as of 9AM Central Time and will end at 11:59 PM CST on November 18th. Keep watch on Twitter and Facebook for news about future events!

"Does stitching or purchasing Zones with Crowns count toward my event progress?"

Yes! All Crowns spending in-game counts towards your event progress.

"Can I give away the items I was awarded?"

You cannot give away the items you earn to other players. Please note that elixirs go into effect automatically and immediately when you redeem them, so make sure you're on the right character before you redeem them.

"I didn't get the right awards! What do I do?"

Please contact support@wizard101.com and we'll be glad to check your account.

A reminder that ONLY Crowns spent during a specific event will count towards that event's rewards! Please do not contact support if you are attempting to get Crown Shop purchases made before or after the event to count toward event progress.

Sep 25, 2019

Instead of giving each player a chance to win 250 - 60,000 crowns, just give each player a choice to choose between 5,000 crowns or 1 month of membership. 5,000 Crowns would allow players, who are unable to afford crowns/membership, a chance to buy something from the crowns shop (e.g. a mount or a pack) . 1 month of membership could potentially allow players to level up and explore more of Wizard101, making them want to re-new their membership once it expires. I believe giving players the gift of choosing whether to obtain 5,000 crowns or 1 month of membership would be better than having the chance to win 250 - 60,000 crowns. I suggest taking this suggestion and thinking about putting it in-game. If you still don't think that this is a reasonable suggestion, that's fine. I'm just saying this from a player's perspective (I'm speaking for all the non-members/crowns players) . We are 100% sure we would rather receive 5,000 crowns or 1 month of membership than being put in a prize draw of 250 - 60,000 crowns.

Drop rate (250 - 60,000 CROWNS) (NOT CONFORMIED):
250 - 750 = 65%
750 - 1500 = 20%
1500 - 30,000 = 13%
30,000 - 60,000 = 2%