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Account Sanctions for Game Exploitation

In response to a recent item pickup exploit, KingsIsle Entertainment has sanctioned accounts who intentionally and knowingly repeated this in-game bug.

Bugs in a game as expansive as Wizard101 do happen. Sometimes these bugs are benign, or cosmetic only, and we strive to fix them all. However, sometimes bugs can be used to provide an unfair advantage over other players, or can negatively impact the game as a whole. Intentionally, repeatedly and knowingly exploiting an in-game bug is cheating, and cheating is never okay.

We will continue to be diligent in ensuring that our game is free of exploitable content and that players are not negatively impacted by the actions of those who abuse the game systems.

Each sanctioned account was contacted through the email address on file with KingsIsle Entertainment.

If it seems too good to be true, it's probably an exploit.

It's one thing to pick up a few of the same item and think "hmm something's not right".
It's another to pick up a few dozen of the same item. Now you're getting into a grey area.
It's wholly another to pick up hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of this item. Now you've slipped into the dark side and are clearly exploiting.
It's this last group that were sanctioned based on the egregiousness of their infraction.

Some sanctions have been reviewed and reduced.

Please check your email or log in to verify your individual account status.