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Zeus's Statue?!?!

May 10, 2013
When I placed my statue of Zeus in my Castle, (Royal Playhouse) it was on the bottom floor, but his face was above!!! Please Help

Jan 21, 2011
The problem was, most likely, that the statue is so large, and since the only thing solid really is the base, that the head passed through the ceiling of your lower floor and appeared on your first floor. I wwould suggest either replacing it or leaving it, since that actually sounds pretty awesome

May 28, 2009
This is very common. If you place a vertical object that is taller than the floor allow, the upper part goes above the next floor. It doesn't cause any problem, you still pick it up.

May 25, 2009
I have actually seen this in other housing items. I have the metropolitan (i spelled that wrong i think) manner and it only has an outdoor space of 50 items. I place my outdoor items indoors and i have noticed 2 things pass threw the floor.

1: My marlebone flag. It is simply ment to be outside and passes threw the floor.

2: My dragonspyre Dragon head. The exact same thing. It is not solid (except for its bottom) so it goes right threw the floor.

I am aware other items do this. I think it should NOT be fixed because i need to put these items in my house :P.