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Wraith Spell

Jul 23, 2009
OK, I recently got the wraith spell on my death wizard. It is an awesome spell to have and i love it. But I have been having some problems when i got farther on. The Wraith spell has 85% accuracy. I noticed an increasing fizzle rate. It got so ridiculous as 5 out of 6 wraiths and fizzled on the same dungeon. I then went in to investigate. I was keeping records of the wraiths i cast and the ones that hit and the ones that fizzled. After the week was over i took all my records and did a little math, I actually have about 70-75% accuracy on my wraith spell. I want to know if this is a bug or is it just my bad luck. Is anyone else having this problem?

Kyle Flame Level 48
Master Necromacer

Mar 01, 2009
Well it can be one of two things:

#1. You have gear that reduces accuracy.

#2. You have bad luck. :(

And just for the record almost all of my wraiths hit.

Blaze Windbreaker lvl 48 Death Wizard

Master of Death