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Wizard101 patching problem.

May 05, 2009
I recently bought a new computer and ever since I renewed my membership and started getting back on as of yesterday, I haven't been able to play because either the wizard101 startup loading menu takes entirely too long, or when I'm in the game the loading takes forever and I can't progress through any of my quests yet. If the problem is hard to understand put it like this...why is it taking so long for wizard101 to finish it's patching downloads? Please don't answer this question if you don't have proper knowledge on the subject.

Thanks, Level 71 Diviner!

a) I have moved this to the Halston's Laboratory section of the message boards - your post has nothing to do with gameplay within Wizard City

b) you answered your own question, young Wizard. "I recently bought a new computer" - As you progressed through worlds and areas in Wizard101, they were downloaded in the background as you played. All the zones, outfits, pets, mounts, textures, and other game elements are now having to re-download on your new computer from scratch - this is going to take time. I suggest you log in your lowest level character first, let those files download and then proceed to your highest level character, downloading zones as you go.