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Wizard101 Keeps Crashing on Mac

Jul 26, 2012
As the title says, Wizard101 frequently crashes whenever I play it on my Macbook Pro. The screen will turn entirely white, get minimized down into the dock, and I'll get a message that "Wizard101 has encountered a serious problem and needs to close"

This happens at least once a day if I play Wizard101 for more than an hour or two. It's beginning to get extremely frustrating. I'm losing progress in dungeons and don't want to play with other people out of fear that the game will crash when my teammates are relying on me. If this continues I'm not sure I'll be able to keep playing the game.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue and/or know how to fix it?

Jan 28, 2010
Have you figured out a way to fixed this? I've also been having the same problem!

Dec 30, 2013
Hello guys,

After this new update my game is very unstable. Along with some of the glitches/bugs you might have heard of, my game is freezing a lot. It freezes so much that it's getting annoying.

The fizzles occurs in several situations, actions include:
  1. Arriving at a new place (huge screen lock up)
  2. Clicking on friends list
  3. Turning around while walking
  4. Battle planning and after phases
  5. Perfoming clicks on the book

As you saw, the freezes and lock ups occur pretty much in all situations.

Is that supposed to be normal after an update?

Aug 31, 2012
Same thing has happened to me, it basically just minimizes as if you've clicked the yellow minimize button on chrome and you get a black screen. Then suddenly a message looking like it is from Windows says an error has occurred and asks if I want to report the issue. Also sometimes I just get major lag for no reason, but that's probably just my internet or that I'm on a full server and Wiz doesn't run as good on macs. When I switch places the page thingy is there for a solid 6 seconds or longer until the area I go to finally loads.