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Wizard101 Ingame Loading Glitch

Jun 07, 2010
Hello guys, recently i've been having this problem with wizard101 ingame, as well as a few of my friends.
The launch is fine, i enter the game fine, but occasionally (although now its become more often) when i enter a dungeon, or port to someone, or do anything that causes the loading screen to show, it freezes. It stays on that loading screen forever and i have to close and re-enter. Another problem I have is when the loading screen is done after entering/exiting/porting, the map does not load. I can see everything but none of the controls work, I can't see my friends. I cant port anywhere, I cant even enter/exit places, and I have to relogin.

Sep 17, 2012
Sounds like you disconnected from the server while trying to load that area.

Hello young wizard,

If you keep having this problem, please send an email to support@wizard101.com so they can help you figure out what may be causing the issue.