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Wizard City Sidewalk/Road Textures

Jun 05, 2011

I'll give my problem fairly straightforward: I've been getting motionsick from playing the game. I've been messing around with the graphics settings to see what keeps me from getting all too motionsick. I figured it out:
When I go to MooShu, I'm fine. When I go to Azteca, I'm fine. When I go to Wizard City? Not so much.
I panned the camera while walking, and I found out: It's because of the sidewalks and roads that I'm getting sick. The tile texture, as it appears to move while on a fast mount, is going at a high speed.

I downloaded the HQ textures by mistake last week while trying to get a good-quality shot of my wizard. Is there any way to delete them off of my computer?

Thanks in advance.

Mark DeathMask, level 93 Sorcerer