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Wizard City Robe Shop Bug

Feb 07, 2009
My daughter wanted to buy a Tunic of Vitality from the robe shop in the Wizard City Shopping District. She wanted to color the trim light purple, but whenever she tried to click on that square, the tag that said "Light Purple" would pop up and completely cover the color square, making it impossible to choose the color. This is true of several of the robes, but the Tunic of Vitality was the one she wanted, and I know it is a problem with that one. She got around the problem by buying it in a different color and taking it to the dye shop.

Ah that's very interesting!

Do you mind if I ask you to tell me in what resolution your daughter was playing Wizard101?

You can find this information by pressing the Esc key when she's not in combat. The first option on the first page shows the Screen Resolution.

This will help us find out why the description was overlapping the color choices and take steps to correct it.

Feb 07, 2009
The laptop (which has integrated Intel graphics) is set at its native resolution: 1024 X 768.


Sep 20, 2008
When recoloring some robes one of the other color signs block out the color I want. So this is another bug. Unless this is the bug she was dealing with.

Feb 17, 2009
I've had this issue as well, on two different monitors. One was at 1280x1024, this one, a wide screen, at 1440x900.


Jonathan Ashstaff, Balance/Life wizard.