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Wizard 101 for adults

Apr 02, 2009
picantel wrote:
I am an adult and am being driven nuts by the constant friend requests. You tell them no and they continue over and over until you finally have to put them on ignore. It would be nice to be able to turn off accepting friend requests while keeping the ones you already have. This should be a simple code to put in the game. I do not want to add kids as friends and quite frankly I would not want any adult to add my kids on their friends list. Since safety seems to be a #1 priority for this game I think this added feature would really help.

I can understand why you would be concern about your kids talking to adults. For me I don't mine helping kids out every so often. But I used to work for the YMCA where I live and one thing you have to have is the love of working with kids. I don't care to be plagued over and over for friend quests just because I am a level 50. I'm not going to except those that do as friends. Now when I am giving cards away to get rid of some of them then I do accept to be able to trade (it would be nice to be able to trade with people and not have to be friends to trade). I do have some people who are more than likely kids on my friend's list but I don't chat much with them. If we do it's mainly stragey for battles. There are only about 4 or people that I openly chat with about other stuff and it's mainly about jobs and animals. Stuff like that and what is going on in the economy today.

It will be nice when the new stuff goes live where you can choose to turn friend requests off and stuff.

I play on another online game and I have a few people on there that I am friend's with and they are kids. But I'm not on there much since I started playing here.

Jun 22, 2009
CodeRage wrote:
While I admire and envy the Wizard101 teams' devotion to a safe environment for children and adolescents to play, I am considerably less envious of the lack of accommodation for the older and of age set of players.

As a fellow web/software developer, it is not all that hard to implement features to accommodate varying degrees of customer bases. What is hard however is the manpower and time necessary to get it done, and done right. I am guessing Wizard101 has a small handful of developers that work on the game in general.

With that out of the way, I agree (verified) adults should be allowed to say whatever they want. What they say can be seen public but filtered like it is now. What we say to each other is not filtered or censored, unless the recipient has turned on censorship which is more relaxed than the full on filtering we have now, but cuts out a dictionary of obvious foul language.

I think one idea of implementing the "tiered" chat filtering system would be: to simply allow the account holder to unlock filtered tier, then unlock censored tier. The end result is unfiltered/uncensored chat which can only be attained by the account manager. If a kid made it into uncensored social territory, they are either genius hackers, or their parents don't care if they see dirty or vulgar language or innuendos. The liability should be the account holders, not the company. If the company chases it's own tail religiously implementing more to filter out the clever things people will say, then eventually people will wander off to other games where they have more freedom of speech (no pun on the american constitution intended).

I would just like a place where I could play with other adults and agree that sometimes the kids just dont play on the same lvl/meaning it can get a bit annoying getting friend requests over and over or even getting asked to go out with them ...lol , because you where nice and helped them kill something once. I am a grandparent I just want to play with people who dont do this. Some even keep asking for help yet will never return the favor. It would be nice to have an area which was even mostly adults ....I dont care that we can't have adult chat or anything just would like it to be a little more user friendly in this manor. If anyone knows of a realm with less children let me know would love to go there. but for now I will just keep moving around till I find one that fits I guess.