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Why do YOU change districts?

Aug 19, 2008
I understand there is a problem with people changing districts (realms) but:

....picture: There are 4 or 5 of us that play together. When we get on we look to see who is there and go to them. It may be that I go to Joe and Joe was getting ready to go help Kim; only now I have to wait...to go to a realm cause of the new restrictions.

...picture: When none of my friends are on...and I needed to do a boss battle...I could change districts to try to find someone else waiting outside a boss. Only NOW that would take forever.

Anyone else?

1) to play with friends
2) to find others who need to do a boss battle/instance

Jul 05, 2008
i usually only change if an area is too busy or if i'm in the arena and i want to find a higher level to fight

May 28, 2008
Most of the times I change server or area, it isn't by choice. When dueling in the arena, it seems to change my server/area each time I am defeated, use the home key, or enter unicorn way from the commons. It would be far more convienient for me if I could remain on the same server unless I request a change. Also, it would be nice if the one minute cooldown didn't activate unless the game actually lets me change server/area. It seems like perhaps when an area is full, it will not let me change server, but the cooldown timer still activates. That makes it really hard to meet up with real life friends for dueling sometimes.

Aug 25, 2008
Cynical wrote:
1) to play with friends
2) to find others who need to do a boss battle/instance

3) To avoid crowds (I play 99% of the time with my girlfriend, and chat via Ventrilo). Mostly, this means getting OFF the default Realm, and heading for Wu.

4) To get to the "hidden" shop in Krokotopia, I might Realm-hop to see which one is closest to having the Portal activate. Solely for the shortest wait.

Aug 23, 2008
What i used to do was when standing at the entrance of a boss-instance level that i already did, switch servers to see if anyone needed help. Now, with the coooldown and 0 xp, i just stay where i am.
Now i only change when it's too busy.