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Where are my crowns?!?

Aug 17, 2010
Where in the Great Spiral are my crowns!? I purchased two gift cards from GameStop: one for 5000 crowns, and the other for 10,000. I only got the 10,000 crowns. I would love to find out what happened to my 5000 crowns. I was planning to get a Storm Hound, and I can't go back to Game Stop for a few weeks. And I spent my money one the cards. :( I hope I am heard.

Joseph Dragontamer, Level 60 Thaumaturge

We can confirm the 10 000 placed on your account on 07/17/2011 but have no further record of another prepaid card redemption - however our customer support team is standing by to assist you with your account issue.

Contact them via email to support@wizard101.com - they may ask you for the scratched off card number that you redeemed so they can determine what account it may have been redeemed upon (it's very common that people redeem cards on the wrong accounts, particularly when they have several accounts with similar names)

Mr Lincoln will get it all straightened out.

Jul 15, 2011
if your accounts are inter-connected same email) you can just transfer from one account crown to another account