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When will the merchants be talking with zeke again

May 06, 2009
Currently since the last patch it seems that zeke has become snobbish to the local venders or they had a major arguement and is no longer allowing them to sell his wares for gold. I was curious when they (the merchants and zeke) would patch things together so that once again one had more then one option to get those cloths.

May 06, 2009
Did you see the patch notes? The items are now available from drops instead of in the stores.

Dec 16, 2008
Elfuego is correct... also it seems that they felt the need to reduce Zeke's inventory as well.

May 11, 2009
So this is where the good items from the vendors went? I'm lvl 39 (was 36 pre-patch) and was saving up for a hat upgrade from one of the vendors in Mooshu. I went to buy it today and was extremely dissapointed.

Now there isn't a single item I can buy as an upgrade to the hat I bought in Marleybone some ten levels ago; it's just pointless.

I think it only really bothers me because they left all of the old items on the players that have them. Now any player leveling up is at a gear dis-advantage in duels to any player that was lucky enough to buy the stuff pre-patch. It just seems silly.

The items should either exist or be removed imo, not half-way.

May 06, 2009
Yes, I saw the one liner in the patch notes. The question still stands when will we be able to buy zeke's gear with gold again. My other grandmasters did this and I want to be able to do it with my current one I am leveling. I personally am NOT interested in wanting to try and farm for zeke's gear, and I am NOT interested in wanting to spend real $$'s for it either since it was available before and now has been removed. Hense dissatisifaction.

I personally don't mind if they raise the price of the gear considering how much easier it is now to get gold (which was the reason why it was pulled in the first place).

Sep 22, 2008
Yeah, I admit this did bother me, I saved all of my items since Krok just to make sure I had enough gold to buy a good hat/cloak and had 80,000 gold after the bazaar release and my arrival in Mooshu I have 80,000 gold and don't know what to spend it on!