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When I close Wizard101

Apr 19, 2010
I had to redownload wizard101 since I got the bug where the game likes to stop every 3 seconds for 1 second and then repeat itself. (It hurt my head a little) So I reinstalled the game and its running great but every time I log out, I get a message saying that WizardGraphicalClient has stopped responding. It gives me a list of things to do, from sending an error report to Microsoft, close the program, or debug it. I tell it to close the program. It's not a problem but its getting annoying.

Aug 03, 2016
That has been happening to me since the update too.

Dec 11, 2015
I've been having a similar problem, but during my gameplay the game will freeze and the notice of "connection lost" appears-but the browser window says "WizGraphicalClient.exe" not responding

Has something been added recently that has interferred with this program file
Especially if more and more people are experiencing similar issues

Is this a " 'Windows' problem"

Aug 03, 2016
I haven't updated my Windows or any other program that I can recall.

It seems mostly to happen if I close the game quickly. If I give the wizard a few seconds or more once they get back to the 'school room' it happens less. But it didn't used to happen at all.