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Weird Pip Usage

May 22, 2011
I have noticed for a long time, that on my level 100 , that pip usage is odd. Sometimes, it will use power pips when spells should use regular pips instead.

For example:
- I have 4 regular pips and 2 power pips.
- I use blizzard which takes 4 pips to use.
- The spell then takes the 2 power pips instead of the 4 regular pips
- This makes battling for me very inefficient

Why does this happen to me, and am I the only one? On my level 63 , I have not noticed this problem at all........

Dec 05, 2009
That's exactly how pips are meant to work. Spells that cost pips use pips in the most efficient way possible (uses the least number of pip slots).

Oct 09, 2011
Power pips take priority over normal pips when you use a spell of your school or the school you might have a mastery amulet for. It's always been that way.

Feb 28, 2012
For your school (or a school you have the mastery amulet of): It will use the power pips first, then the white pips.
For the other schools: It will use the white pips first, then the power pips.

In your example you used with your Wizard. Try having your cast a NON and see what happens (If you have a mastery amulet, un-equip it first)

Your might not notice it because Tempest is a quite popular/useful spell. However it is a x-pip spell which means it uses all pips. (power and white)

Aug 18, 2011
That's normal. It will always use power pips first. It's that way for everyone and always has been.

May 22, 2011
Ok, I get all of this, but how come it won't use the white pips first? When there are four of them to save space?

Sep 17, 2012
Daxnitro123 on Mar 5, 2015 wrote:
Ok, I get all of this, but how come it won't use the white pips first? When there are four of them to save space?
Because it's less efficient. If you have 4 regular and 2 power pips. You can cast a 4 pip school spell and then a 5 pip off-school spell net round. If done your way, you could cast a 4 pip school spell but you'd only have 3 pips left for the next round.