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Weird Fizzling Problem

Oct 17, 2008
This always happens in the duel arena. It's happened twice so far.

The battle goes on as normal, when I use ice wyvern. It fizzled. The next turn, I used a spell and it fizzled. The other guy's spell fizzled too. I thought no big deal, but when it happened next turn, I started getting suspicious. I tried using tower shield. Fizzle. Skeletal Pirate? Fizzle. Treasure card? Nope, still fizzles. I even tried my minor attack, which can't fizzle. It still did. Neither of us could cast any spells.

It went on till the other guy finally fled. What happened? It also happened one other time, when it was me verses three other guys. It was also after I used ice wyvern. But this time, the ice wyvern didn't fizzle. And even when two of the three other guys fled, our spells still wouldn't work.

Since it's always after I use ice wyvern, I call it "The Curse of the Ice Wyvern". What's going on?

Dec 12, 2008
In my case with this what i found interesting was our decks went in a loop. so not only were we fizzling like crazy, we never ran out of cards. mine to turned into a battle of patience till i saw the victory words. I was actually about to leave until the other team told me to, i was going to be polite and go but they insisted on me going first. Which was rude so i stayed.