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weakens and shields.... sigh

Dec 14, 2008
well this has been around for a long time but since i am death I just have to complain......
well in this game I personally have never seen a death monster cast life shield but LIFE enemies on the ohter hand cast it CONSTANTLY...... this is really beggining to bug me..... death shouldnt have the hardest time dealing with their opposite class(life)..... while life shouldnt have the easiest time dealing with their opposite class(death).... so can you please balance the shields out it would make the game so much fair :(
also weakens are getting way out of hand..... every enemy uses weaken pretty when it is a BALANCE spell so only let balance enemies use weaken PLEASE every turn I am getting weakened and it gets really annoying since it is very devastating to your damage... although 25% doesnt sound like much it IS a lot..... so please also balance that out

those are my thoughts

Apr 19, 2009
Death has Ghoul, Vampire and Wraith that is not stopped by the Spirit Shield.

Jun 27, 2009
As a Death Wizard also - weakens can be a great thing when cast on you. When the weaken is cast on me, I try to use SACRIFICE on myself or someone else. If you have additionally charmed clothing, you can reduce the injury to yourself to well below 200.

It's also part of creating a good pack. If the enemy casts a weaken, you should have some kind of throw away spell or trap to counter it. It makes the battles more challenging. Otherwise it becomes easy to DeathBlade, Death Trap, Curse, Vampire monsters to oblivion.

Dec 20, 2008
As a life wizard I don't see the problem with death enemies not casting life shields. That is one of the main reasons I chose life. Kind of makes up for our lack of attacks. After centaur we get no new attacks and no spell that damages all opponents unless we use a secondary school. Thanks, Kieran Dragonflame