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we can't delete garden treaure cards past 8 cards.

Jun 28, 2013

Please address this situation.

I garden a lot (verdant gardener)
I have a lot of garden treasure cards. some of them I don't like to use, When I get the Moolinda's green thumb pack, I delete the PEST ZAPPER. I think they get in the way of the symbols above the plants to indicate what they need. (which is another problem, but that's not what this post is about)
The only way to delete the garden treasure cards is by opening your treasure cards, click on the little garden symbol then you see your garden treasure cards right. Yes that's all good, However,
IF you have more then 8 types of garden treasure cards you can not see the rest! there is no turn the page feature when you are viewing your garden treasure cards. At this point I can not see the PEST ZAPPER and the MASSIVE PEST ZAPPER CARDS.
The treasure cards that I see when I open my book now are: 1) supreme sunburst 2) flood 3) flute symphony 4) miniature blood bats 5) zounds of bees 6) uncanny magic 7) pungent bug spray 8) putrid bug spray. and sometimes I get a few others like the sun birds
I can not view the pest zapper cards to delete them. I like to make room for other treasure cards as I garden.

At this point I have to go to an area and just cast them on nothing to get rid of them. Which I should not have to do.
There should be a TURN PAGE BUTTON when viewing your garden treasure cards.

Please look into this matter.
Thank you,
Mark Dragonleaf L70 Storm

Sep 17, 2012
Totally agree. I pointed out this flaw back when the Halloween cave was open. KI needs to update the page since they have added more than 8 TC spells.