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Wands become invisible again

May 28, 2008
Another bug that was fixed in beta has returned. I noticed yesterday that most of the people in the dueling arena had invisible wands.

Also, not a big deal, but something i noticed: I am seeing a small graphics bug on the character selection screen. My character has the lightning wand that you can buy in the store in Mooshu. There seems to be a texture missing on the end of the wand, so you can see right through that part of the wand to the background. The texture seems to be working just fine in-game though. Actually, when I first saw it I thought it was a cool effect. Imagine a pair of glasses or an eye color choice that is actually transparent so you can see through the back of your own head. :)

Jun 24, 2008
I've seen this too. I would talk to friends, using typing and not menu chat, and eventually, the wands just disappear! And when we're in battle, we're flailing our arms like bees are attacking! Our wands are invisible. Can this be fixed?

Dec 20, 2008
This happens to me all the time (usually when typing) but sometimes just randomly, to fix it i either 1. ignore it 2. unequip then reequip, i find it is the best way to fix it. Sometimes when i ignore it then go into a battle, i NEVER get my fireball spells. Of course my computer is broken from day 1, but it is basically my only 0 pip/mana spell besides shields. PLZ PLZ PLZ fix it!

The wands disappearing graphically and physically are two different issues.

The wands disappearing graphically just means you can't see it, but it's still there and the spells still appear. That is the subject of the first two posts and I've got our technical wizards looking at that. It was fixed once, and we're not sure why it's broken again.

If you wand is physically disappearing out of your hand and not showing the cards in your sideboard, this is a whole different issue. Please submit a bug report on this problem by going to Wizard101.com and clicking the help banner. At the bottom are instructions for contacting Mr Lincoln.