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Wand dissapeared

Mar 08, 2009
Hi everyone. So i was garming loremaster and decided to switch my staff of hades curses (something like that) to the zeus wand of curses and after an hour or two i realized my hades staff wasnt in my backpack. I checked all y houses, tr attic, the bank and shared bank but it was nowhere to be found. I know it was locked because it was such a precious item. I'll prob have to farm for ot which i guess i dont mind but does anyone have any other ideas or is this something the support team can help me with. Thanks. :)

Hello young wizard,

I'm sorry that it seems you've lost your wand! Please send an email to support@wizard101.com so they can help you find out what might have happened to it. Make sure to include your account name (not your password), your character name and the item name.