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virtual harassment

Sep 03, 2008
With all the concen of keeping the children safe here something is going ignored. Please do something to change how teleport works and put a time limit on multiple friend invitations. Every time I try to do the Jade Oni fight we have people spaming friend invites till they manage to get one, then they pop into the instance and get in the fight.
Last night I declined a friend invite from someone ten times and finally the person reported me when I asked them to quit bothering me.

When I accept a friend invite from someone I ask them not to port to me with out checking first. Those who do not, get removed. Today I had a friend with me in Tree of life when suddenly two more players showed up with out asking. One was a person I had removed in the past for porting with out asking. When he told me who he was I told him why I had removed him and that I was surprised he was still doing it. In response I had his mom lecture me for ten minutes on being polite to her son.
His mom was just as bad to be honest, I had been doing the death oni fight one day and his mom teleported in on a level one mage addnig extra mobs to fight which she was zero help in defeating.

Please do something to remedy these issues.

Jun 24, 2008
Moms... what can you do? ;) I agree, everyone should respect everyone's wishes. I just think it is cruel to delete someone off your friend list as long as you give them a second chance. If they don't listen the second time, that's a reason for the delete. I also don't think that if your not the appropriate level, you shouldn't go there! Hello! ITS TOO HARD and it gives other people problems. Also, lecturing in front of other people (I don't know if you were alone or in a crowd) isn't cool. Secure Chat to them. By the way, If you ask them to stop bothering them, respect that, why would you report them? They clearly don't want to be bothered and you shouldn't keep bugging them. Qumil, this also happened to my brother, except the lecture part . I just hate it when people make up their own story to make you look like the bad guy and then everyone believes that person, especially your parent or guardian. Then, they try to get in on the problem.

I hope I cheered you up a bit! :-D Trust me, it happens to all of us and there is good in the world!

May 28, 2008
I have been thinking about this because I have the same trouble sometimes. People will keep sending friend requests until you accidentally hit "yes" in stead of "no". Is yes the default response if you just hit the enter key? I think it is, so that could be changed to prevent me from accepting by accident.

Another solution I had in mind was to add an ignore button to the yes/no response window that pops up when you get a friend request. It would also be nice if the friend request window didn't take up so much space on my screen and didn't have focus so that if i get a request while I'm trying to hit the enter key it won't accept the request when I don't want it.

I've also noticed that once I accept a friend request, removing them from my friend list doesn't always seem to remove me from their friend list.

A third issue my mother, daughter, and I have had recently is having a bunch of people we didn't add to our friend list magically appear on our list. I've had this happen twice in the last week or two.

Aug 04, 2008
Yes, I hope devs would make in the Option page something like "Accepting Friend Request - Off/On"
Until then we can click Ignore button on info panel of the player who keep sending friend request or those who already in list and keep teleporting or those who just magically appear in our friend list. Once in Ignore list they won't be able to send text or teleport to us.

Jun 03, 2008
It still seems to me that the simplest solution to this problem would be to just give us an option in the setup tab to turn off friends requests. We could still coordinate adding someone that we really wanted to add, but this would prevent the problem of friend request spamming, as well as the issue of inadvertent friend acceptance.

Sep 20, 2008
gswift7 wrote:
A third issue my mother, daughter, and I have had recently is having a bunch of people we didn't add to our friend list magically appear on our list. I've had this happen twice in the last week or two.

someone might have found out your username and password and adding people to your list. i suggest you change your password and see what happens.

Aug 04, 2008
Also, if your chatting to someone and get invite , if you hit enter to send the chat, it accepts the invite! It would be nice if there was a way to change that.

Aug 19, 2008
Maybe few nice "chat" messages could be added to the list:

"Please don't teleport without asking"
"Sorry but I am not looking for new friends just now"
"Perhaps it would be better if you find friends at your own level"

I must add however that while picking up new spells in Ravenwood I ended up making friends with some newer wizards.

#1-was a real pain, constantly asking me to help fight goons in Cyclops and all...jumping to me in Marleybone and then leaving me with a full group of goons to fight...the last straw? He jumped to me and a friend jumped to him and while the two of them argued the entire time...I actually deleted him mid battle I was so appauled!

#2-was his second day of playing and he was moving up real fast. Granted when he came up to Marleybone he was a big help (a great dueler) and only asked for help when he really needed it....like boss battles. Very patient when I said I was mid-battle...and when I would finish I would ask if he still needed help.

So remember that all "smaller" wizards aren't royal pains!

Hey Wizards!

I wanted to remind you about the "Ignore" button option as well. We are aware of these spamming for friend requests and are working to resolve the bug that causes people to do this for the Jade Oni quest.

Along the same lines...
gswift7 wrote:
A third issue my mother, daughter, and I have had recently is having a bunch of people we didn't add to our friend list magically appear on our list. I've had this happen twice in the last week or two.

I am a bit concerned that this is a bug. If you would gswift7, if this happens again can you make sure to submit a ticket to me from the support page? It would be most helpful!

You guys have some valid concern and some good ideas. I will pass this whole forum post along for further review.

Aug 25, 2008
What needs to be done is really very simple ... two things.

ONE ... when you ask to be someone's friend, and they say "no", you should be barred from asking that same person again for FIFTEEN MINUTES. This prevents "Friend me THIS time?"-spamming.

TWO ... in our friends list, there needs to be a Tick-box option, labelled "Allow Teleport?" ... if the box is ticked, they can teleport to you. If it is NOT ticked, they can NOT teleport to your location.


Really, that's it.

Jul 05, 2008
I believe that it should be a "text on/off" option.
I am constantly getting messages from people needing help as ofter as every 2 minutes.
I am a nice person and I try to help everyone that I can to the point that I have people scheduling appointments with me to reserve some of my time to help them, but asking me for help every 2 minutes after I tell them that I am in a instanced level can become quite annoying. If I continue to help others advance, how can I advance.
If a "chat on/off" option could be implemented, that would eliminate a lot of the "virtual harassment.

Sep 08, 2008
At one point in time, I had thought about adding a post in which I'd write down my thoughts about teleporting to people on friend's list, and asking for help.

I am pretty much a lover, not a fighter, and I generally allow ANYONE to be on my friend list, as long as that person is able to use filtered chat. I'd actually re-check my friend's list and remove all the characters that are not able to use filtered chat.

I actually assume that most people know enough respect to understand that some people just do not like to be intruded upon, and I myself ask if I can join first, before I port to others.

Recently, I have realized that THAT may not always be the case. In which case, I remove the friends that have repeatedly teleported without warning or apparent reason.

I will take this time to write this message to any little children that may be reading this, assuming they are able to read this in the first place.

Do NOT simply prompt someone to accept you as a friend without a single word. In my case for example, while I try to be nice and friendly to everyone, I have learned and will decline blind invites.

Please, do not blindly teleport to others. Find out what others are doing, or if they want to have someone teleported over to them.

Also, I had this happen to me. Do NOT simply shout for HELP! and expect others to teleport to you. If you need help, please explain yourself, and ask nicely, do not simply shout it out. (That is also why I remove friends without filtered chat, since it would be difficult without it.)

I have also read on the first post how some parent actually complained or started to lecture the player lol.

To all parents acting protective and smart, complaining about someone ignoring your child or lecturing someone else about their behavior when they are being annoyed by your child who is abusing the friend list, you are wasting your breath. Teach your child some common manners and how they can improve their behavior towards others.

While most people on my friend list are very nice people, some good ethics and friendly behavior should be commonly acknowledged when it comes to socializing with people on your friends list.