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Vindicator's RobeTurquoise? I Like It Though!

Apr 26, 2011
:D Ok, so my Level 26 Theurgist, Mason LotusPetal recently purchased a Vindicator's Robe from the Wizard City Bazaar... I dyed it Black and "Dark Orange" but the latter was TURQUOISE! (COUGH COUGH... My FAVORITE color ;D) It looked amazing though! :D I was afraid it would go away after the purchase and I would have a hideous dark orange.. Thankfully it didnt :) I just wanted to mention this to KI. Personally, I think you should replace orange with turquoise.. or at least add it as an option. I wouldnt replace light blue for the Thaumaturges.. but do we need dark blue? We have 2 shades of purple also... just a thought. :) Thanks in advance for any consideration taken on the subject. :)

Your Neighborhood Theurgist,
Mason LotusPetal, Level 26