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Useless casts

Dec 20, 2008
Sometimes when i cast a spell then accidentally click "change" on 0 then i just pass but loss all my pips and mana but i do nothing. Ex: in Marleybone i casted meteor strike with four pips but i passed lost all pips and the bad guys we were fighting didnt get touched. Can you make it so you at least have to click in the box not just click, or extend the timer so it will happen less.

Sep 20, 2008
Common thing. When someone uses something very powerful you may be skipped as result when you click the spell you want unless you change it you lose your mana. But if you buy rings and daggers you will not very much likely have this problem because they give you more mana. And the more levels you are such as marely bone. You will need more mana rates so incase this does happen. If this happens and you tend to lose your pips I never knew why pips would be taken. They usally are not taken unless you fizzle. Which is common not to lose your pips. Hmm. I don't know why It would take your pips. Maybe one of those prowlers snatched them

Feb 05, 2009
absolutely hate it, seems to most commonly happen when you have two-three wizards in a row casting a spell that affects all creatures in combat or large pip spells like centaur, heirphant, stormzilla, etc.