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Unrealistic Reporting of Players

Aug 14, 2009
Mr Lincoln wrote:

So right you are pikachuace3! Anyone claiming to be a KingsIsle admin. has a badge. Anyone stating they can ban, mute, sanction your account will either be showing the badge or outright lying (note: we don't give long wind chats about "I'm gonna ban you" while trying to get around a chat filter, etc" . .) if the situation warrants, we just sanction > THEN we'll let you know why).

All that said, please be sure to report any player you find threatening to sanction your account (or any others) - you're welcome to follow it up with an email too - these folks spoil the game for all and we're quite keen to ensure they are introduced to a "real" admin.

Remember, do not engage with rude wizards! If they're breaking the Terms of Use, report them & change realms. If they're just not being nice or saying something you don't agree with - "Ignore" and change realms.

Eventually, those bad seeds go away when they can't get anyone to fall for their bullying & bluster - it's your game & your choice - use your wizardly wisdom!! (And really, truly, have you ever gotten into an argument with someone in game & had it end with someone saying, "Wow! You're so right! I don't know what I was thinking, let me change my ways immediately! Thank you wise worded one!")

Lastly, no Lizardmaster12, reporting someone for false reporting is not adviseable, it just places your name on the list for false reports too. "If they are hiding curses in there words, just changeing it up a bit, then you need to report. Inapropriatness, bad language, name calls, report it. " is correct.
Thanks Mr lincoln, During last summer, I was friends with this one dude, then we got mad at each other and deleted each other, but thats not the main case. A few days ago, my other friend who was friends with the dude pvped with me. After that, we started talking about him. He told me that the dude Made him do dungeons and threatened to ban him if he refused, that just made me soo angry when he told me the banning part. Is there anyway I can report the dude whenever I see him?

Jun 13, 2009
jamderson wrote:
i have been reported once . if KI was really reading the chat and text they would not send out any notices to people until they read the logs . i find it very rude of KI to send out notices of reports before they have checked the logs .
it only takes a second for the notification of the report to pop up . there is no possible way KI has read the logs in those short seconds .
False reporting is a huge problem . people doing this should be banned for life on the first offense . .
imagine people were spam reporting, and hundreds of reports are being checked, reports pop up immediantly to give a warning to people that deserve to be reported

Jun 13, 2009
LittleBitLost wrote:
If I may add my two cent, Do not be disheartened, my friend. Good manners and breeding will show through every time. I do find it ammuseing that some words are automaticly deleated, and others fly through. I could say I need a Boy. (which I absolutely would not) But try and say you need a decent cup of Earl Gray tea. Most amuseing. Carry on and forge ahead.
and breeding? um, dont really get that.............