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Unreadable Customized Signs

Jun 28, 2014
The customized signs are too often unreadable! I appreciate that the game must be friendly to kids and therefore the options for customization are preset. However, has anyone taken any time at all to look at the result of some of the preset options?

My name in the game is long, "Marcus Nightbringer." So it makes little sense to try and cram "Marcus NightBringer's Wizard's Watchtower" on a small sign where the writing is squished together, small, and pencil thin! Why isn't there simply an option to have only the name of my castle without including my own name as the owner? I mean wouldn't that make sense? Further, why are there not simpler options for other labels? For example:

1) Marcus NightBringer's Workshop vs Workshop
2) Marcus NightBringer's Trophies vs Trophies
3) Welcome to Marcus NightBringer's House vs Welcome to My Home

And then there are obvious missed opportunities like:

1) The ability to change the font color from white to black to compensate for signs against bright backgrounds.
2) Different sign colors.

Some of these are suggestions but the font incorrectly adjusting for the sign is just poor coding that should and can be fixed by either tweaking the font placement or adding additional options that eliminate the need to tweak. Please apply a fix. The signs are not cheap in the crown store and they are most definitely even more expensive to craft. This is a little thing, but little things make huge differences when weighing the overall value of a game.

May 22, 2009
I have noticed this about the customized signs. Instead of shrinking the font in both length and size, it just shrinks length causing the letters and spaces to be narrower. In a small way I understand the reasoning. In same cases, by shrinking the font in both size and lengths you may get letters so small you can't see them without a magnifying glass.

I don't know about coding, but I do know a little something about adding costumize lettering to signs (that is part of what I do for a living). When I come across a very long name that must be added to a sign, I have to lower font size to a reasonable amount then keep shortening the length. If that don't work I lower font size a touch more than go back to length. The program cannot distinguish whether or not the lettering is too squished together or too small. I must do that. The program is just following the commands of needing x length and y height. I am sure KI's program is similar.

Jun 28, 2014
I agree that it should be similar. I am not a coder, but I know enough about program design that a company like KI would not paint itself into a corner on something like this. They reuse the same designs through the entire game so they leave themselves some editing room. My issue is that it is just sloppy. If someone took 10 seconds to look at how these signs come out they would quickly come to the same conclusion.