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Unknown Badge.

Jul 04, 2009
For the longest time I have had a badge on my wizard's page that says nothing but question marks. It says I can click on it (It is outlined like my other badges I have earned) nothing happens. It is on the same page as the PVP badges. It has nothing to do with PVP though. (Or the pet racing.) I am a level 86 balance wizard. Does it have to do with some new badge I earn later on in my quests? I am not sure. Does anyone know what that is? Or how to get rid of it?

~Amber MistBreeze

Dec 20, 2010
I am storm and I have had it forever, just forget its there!

Jan 01, 2009
I have this bagde what you have to do is find all the secete shops I don't know fo sure wether you have to buy from then or not but I did and the bagde is called secret shoper.

Good luck on your jaurneys, sincerely wolf griffan dust lvl 31 pyromancer, Peace