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Two pets glitch is back.

Aug 09, 2008
Last night as i was farming the fire gurtok for the ice ring in malistare's lair a friend pointed out my two pets. I remember this being an issue a while back and thought I would let you guys know. The pet was the ice collosus.

Jun 23, 2009
i also had this problem, it was with my fire salamnder. it was in the ironworks. however, i was the only one that could see it. i asked my freind if he saw it and he said it looks normal.

Nov 25, 2008
Idk why this is a problem. I LOVE when i get to walk around with two barneys :D (stormzillas)

Jun 23, 2009
antaybh wrote:
Idk why this is a problem. I LOVE when i get to walk around with two barneys :D (stormzillas)

yea its funny, but it gets old really fast. then it gets annoying because one pet is on one side and the other one is on the other.

if you have a big pet like me (i have a fire salamander) it starts to block my view when in battles. like when your sucked into battle, you think, where do i go after it ends to not get caught again? with my pet(s) blocking the way i can't do this.

May 19, 2009
Feb 01, 2009
i had that problem as well in the shirataki temple with the troll pet that gives you card. i think it is hilarious.infact i took a screenshot of it. if i could i would post it here but i dont think i can. this happened when i was i think a lvl 40. i am now lvl 50
paul fireward grandmaster pyromancer

Jun 24, 2008
I was in Shiritaki Temple and i saw I had 2 Jade Onis. I took a screenshot right away lol.