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Turn skipped in dungeon.

May 22, 2009
Today I was doing palace of fire with a friend of mine. I got pulled into a fight. While I was in the fight, she continued on to speak to professor Winthrop. When she turned in that part of the quest, I leveled during the fight. When I leveled, my turn got skipped. There was no lag involved. One moment I was looking at the card the next, the turn was starting as if I passed.

This also happened when I was doing the sunken city. Same scenario, just a different instance.

I know the chances of this happening often is very slim, but still could cause problems in higher level dungeons.

Aug 24, 2013
This has happened to me multiple times! I don't understand how it happens

Sep 17, 2012
This happens at lower levels rarely, and is extremely unlikely to happen at higher levels. If you got the experience for finishing the dungeon I don't really see the problem anyways. You can flee the mob battle anyways.