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Turn Dungeon Messages back on

Jul 04, 2009
The message you get when entering a dungeon no longer appears for me. When entering a dungeon (I forget which) I checked the box not to show me the message again. I assumed it was for that dungeon only, however apparently I was incorrect. Is there a way to turn the messages back on. At this point I don't know if the area I enter is a dungeon or not.

Thank you.

Ah yes, Professor Greyrose told us how to do that in this post.

We do have a temporary way for our players to re-enable these prompts, but it takes a little work.

Find the following file:

C:\Program Files\KingsIsle Entertainment\Wizard101\Bin\preferences.xml
(this location may vary with Vista)

Save a copy of this file before you make any changes!

About half way down you will see the following text:
<QuestHelperEnabled TYPE="INT">1</QuestHelperEnabled>
<ShowPVPTitle TYPE="INT">1</ShowPVPTitle>
<DungeonPrompt TYPE="INT">1</DungeonPrompt>

Notice the line:
<DungeonPrompt TYPE="INT">1</DungeonPrompt>

If you want to hide the Dungeon Prompt, set this value to 1
If you want to show the Dungeon Prompt, set this value to 0

Save the file with the changes.
Next time you log in to Wizard101 and approach a Dungeon, you will once again see the prompt telling you how long this Dungeon will take to complete.

We do have a fix in the works, but until that is implemented, this is how our players can once again enable the Dungeon Warnings.

Jul 04, 2009