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Treasure Cards Being used up in Practicing Duel Ar

Jun 23, 2008
I have just had a quick go at the duelling arena while waiting for payment fix. I noticed that the treasure card are actually used up in the duelling arena, this is the 1st time it has happened as i thought you could go there to practice.

But be warned looks like your treasure cards that you have will be used up if you use them in the duelling arena

never use to happen ??

Jun 30, 2008
hmm just to be clear is this "practising duelling arena" just regular pvp arena?

if so then you were lucky as my treasure cards were ALWAYS used up when i used them in the arena. the pvp battles are supposed to be the same as monster battles but just a different kind of battle - i actual found them real useful for battling and found i was much better at fighting monsters after duelling.

but yes main point is mine always went and i duelled alot having finished all the quests and having a couple of weeks to spare!

May 22, 2008
Treasure cards have always been consumed in this fashion, I do wonder, though, how they will be a part of the upcoming PvP system?

Sep 04, 2008
I'd rather treasure cards not be allowed in PvP battles so that someone can't lose 9/10ths of the fight and then blow a big powerful treasure card that makes up for his poor player skills and beats me. I don't like being beat by stats instead of skill.