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Transferring Clothing Powers

Jan 12, 2009
Early in the game there is a lot of individuality in the clothing choices. Not so much later in the game.

1. I get to Dragonspyre and find four guys all wearing the same clothes fighting the same boss. We all have different colors, pets and wands but the clothing is the same.

2. I like the hat from Marleybone and the coat from Dragonspyre with the boots from Wizard City but the combination lacks the power of other less aesthetic combinations I have.

“Power Transfer,” not a swap mind you but a transfer.

1. You can transfer the powers of one article of clothing to another. This does not apply to pets or wands which should remain unique.

2. The article of clothing losing its powers is destroyed in the process.

3. Colors do not transfer; this may mean a trip to the dye shop.

4. This process costs gold.

5. To squeeze Dragonspye powers into a Wizard City cap may cost more gold than a Dragonspye to Dragonspyre or Wizard City to Wizard City power transfer.

6. Location could be in the shops at Wizard City or Regent Square or perhaps Gloria Krendall can handle this.

7. Maybe a level requirement to access this feature. This would preserve some of the world level aesthetics.

Side Note:
“Costume Change”

1. Backpack contains a number of costume "quick change slots" for hat/robe/shoes clothing combinations.

2. Hot keyed

Dec 07, 2008
Quite a few games have fashion tabs. These are slots that do not give you any bonuses from the armor but the clothing appearance will override what you are actually using.

Let's say you like the appearance of those Hamburglar looking hats but your current wizard lid has better stats. No problem. Leave the boring looking hat in your main armor slot for the stats but set the Hamburglar mask to your fashion slot.