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Tracking arrow stuck

Mar 13, 2011
The tracking arrow is stuck pointing straight ahead, doesn't lead to destiny. And the distance meter is stuck, it changes when you enter a new room or go outside, but then stays at the new distance.

Oct 11, 2008
Oh, yes, i remember this, i had that problem several months ago. it is very annoying. However, one day, i was bored cause i couldnt do my quest, so i decided to switch characters, on my other character, i noticed it wasn't working either. I was getting angry about this, so I just logged off.
Then later on, I decided to log back on. I was on my character and noticed it was back up! I was very exited, and it has worked ever since.
I either got lucky, or switching characters works, try what i did, and see what happens. Good luck.

Mar 13, 2011
Thank you for the reply.

I also switched to other characters and it did the same thing. I gave up that day, but the next day when I logged in it worked again and is currently working.