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Tone down the effects on Shadow forms?

Jun 05, 2011
Hey there!

I think a lot of people can agree on this: Shadow effects need to be toned down a bit. They have been really getting to motion sickness to me, and a friend of mine too. I had to log out last night after facing a boss that used Shadow magic because the particle effects had my mind going wonky. It apparently had a similar effect on a friend with epilepsy, making him act in a very bad way until he got some sleep.

This worries me on those effects. I'm not epileptic, but I do have other problems (I get carsick real easily in the 'liked' atmospheric conditions). I was wondering if others had these problems, and if the effects should be toned down a bit?

Mark DeathMask. Maxed out (95)

Dec 30, 2009
This is one of those things I don't see on these message boards too often.
But you can try to turn down your own settings in your spellbook.

" Fiddle with your settings (namely the Brightness, Bloom Active & Particles) - located in your Spellbook > Options > Graphics."

Hope this helped!