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tired of all this running around

Feb 15, 2009
Ok 3rd time's a charm! I don't know if this post will go through AGAIN but i sincerely hope the moderators will give a person a break here. I am trying to make a point as well as a suggestion on the only problem in the game i can find. the constant tedious annoying running around. I would love it if something could be done about this. Perhaps after a certain level is obtained the wizard could recieve a specific quest that after completion will allow them to teleport to where ever it is they need to go. Or perhaps good 'ol zeke could sell broomsticks. Please consider fixing this something, anything. I got more suggestions if you want them or maybe the great and glorious wizard101 creators will think of something. Just please consider this it's the ONE downside to this awesome and favorite game of mine. It makes playing this a bit of a downside with all the constant running.
sincerely yours
Tristan Blade

Jan 18, 2009
One main part about many quests is actually the transportation; that in time and difficulty. Especially in Marleybone, where transportation is meant to be much harder, quests are somewhat easier for the exp rewards they give for the reason that transportation is difficult.