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Threat Increase for Low Levels

Jan 21, 2010
under the proposed system...
assuming the players go first, and the boss's minions are defeated.
If a level ten person were to join the battle, and a life wizard were to keep healing the level ten person... The boss would ignore the other two players, and they could kill the boss without interuption? It sounds interesting.

Mar 18, 2010
[quote=NicoUzumakiOk as usual I'm giving my two cents worth on the topic lol.

I have two low level wizards; storm and ice (lvl 11) currently they are on vacation. I am levling up my balance wizard which is now level 42 in Mooshu. I have two legendary wizards (death and myth) and a level 55 pyromancer working in the floating land.

That being said, i consider myself a competent wizard wether I have a novice or a legendary wizard. I have done trial of the spheres with my life friend using my balance wizard who was about level 30. Of course, i focussed on shielding, buffing and healing my friend instead of attacking. Needless to say we defeated all of the bosses including mythrya without any of us dying or having to flee and port back.

I also had a player asked me to add him. I was playing on my myth wizard at the time and was doing the moon temple. he was level 30 and in mooshu. I added him and he and I did the moon temple together, and trust me, if it had not been for him I would have died a lot of times.

The problem is not really "noob" wizards as we like to call them but the problem is wizards who do not know how to duel properly. trust me, i have been in fights with grandmaster wizards and I have to be wondering to myself, "how in the world did this person become a grandmaster?" because their fighting skills left much to be desired.

Not all "noob" wizards are useless, some of them actually knows how to duel well and will assist you greatly in your battles and will even follow you around and help you complete your quest faster.

To be fair though i have encountered some "noob" wizards in celestia that jumps into a fight with you uninvited and then flee and leave you with more opponents than you can manage. It can be very annoying but what or how can this be solved?

Totally banning noob wizards from entering areas that they are not the required level to enter would defeat the process of adding friends. Because what if the only firend i have on to ask for help is a lower level than me? Then I can't ask them to help because they cannot port to me. Consequently, i am way ahead on my crafting quest and I have had to ask my friend to take me to the various worlds to get the other crafting quests because am still not at the required level to enter. Can you imagine me being an adept crafter from Marleybone and having to wait until i reach DS in order to get the Master Artisan quest?

One solution might seems best in one particular situation but you have to consider the broad impact that it will have on all players and the game in general.

I cannot afford two accounts so I can play two wizards at a time to help my own self out on quest. I have to rely on friends or minions. maybe what you can do is join a group. I understand that once you join a group then only persons in the group can enter your fights.

Thanks for reading.

The folks you describe are not "noobs". They would be newbs. "Noobs" are irritating and unskilled players.

I have yet to see one post about lower level wizards who help and stay with their friends. It is the rude, inconsiderate, immature wizards running around causing problems that are addressed in these threads (There are a ton of them.).

I really wish people would stop GENERALIZING so much. The problem is not with the WIZARD but, rather the PLAYER. The wizard just sits there until the PLAYER brings it to life. If a wizard is rude at level 60, I can guarantee you they were rude at level 1. The reason being the PLAYER controlling the wizard is rude. Give me that same wizard and it would be totally different.

I hope KI can come up with some solutions. They are making some changes, power leveling has been nipped in the bud, side quests are no longer available to lower level players (I gather this from reading the boards.). Now if they could nip jumping into random street battles that would help immensely. Graying people out (unless they were with a friend who holds a spiral key) would also stop that.


Apr 18, 2010
Pyrsik wrote:
A popular discussion right now is the problem of low levels in worlds that they don't belong in yet. No matter your feelings on the matter, it does indeed cause problems,as many others have illuminated. This is also not a problem unique to this game;almost all mmorpg's have had to deal with this. A simple solution to the problem would be threat increase from mobs/bosses based on level.The bigger the level difference from mob to player,the greater the threat the mob generates toward the player. For example lets say 3 level 50's are fighting the Karuvian Scargiver in Plaza of Conquests. A uninvited level 10 player decides to join in. Due to his huge difference in level, he would immediately become the attention of the Karuvian Scargiver and would probably not last very long. With the threat of immediate dying, most people would not attempt it until their character was the appropriate strength to handle it. Many mmorpg's use this solution,and it works very well.
Another consideration would be to null all experience/items gained until the character was of appropriate strength/level. That way people could still port in to help their friends,but it would stop the hacks/cheats from getting rare and powerful equipment that they did not really earn on their own merits. :)

great idea. but my bro posted something like that on the cl message boards